Short term course

If you have any question, Please feel free to contact us.

Available in Chinese and English.

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Students coming to learn Japanese from countries can apply for a visa from the Japanese Embassy in your home country.

You need prepare the documents to apply for a visa.

Please read the admission guide for short term course carefully.

Send all the necessary documents and an application for admission to a school.

After passing the interview, please pay full of tuition.

And then go to Japanese Embassy in your home country to get your visa.

When you got your visa, book airplane tickets.

We arrange an accommodation.

Our staff go pick you up at the airport, and guide you to the school and an accommodation.

There is an orientation and placement test.

Downloads documents for short term course

The admission guide
An application for admission

Cultural activity course (short term)

Enjoy Japanese cultural activity and learn Japanese history and tradition.
You can participate extracurricular activity, and we have a plan to be able to enjoy on the weekend.

Summary of the course

Minimum ages: Over 18 years old
Japanese level: From Beginner to pre-intermediate
In the morning, intensive lesson (The lesson are given in only Japanese)
Hours of lesson : 9:00~12:30
Short trip and cultural activity on the Weekday afternoon, and the weekend.

Cultural activity course’s photos

Asakusa sightseeing①

Asakusa sightseeing②

Edo-Tokyo Museum

Tea ceremony(sado)experience

Tour of a university

Group photo in front of school

Make a Sushi①

Make a Sushi②

Sightseeing around Atami

Completion ceremony

Schedule (itinerary sample: 14 days )

  DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4 DAY 5 DAY 6 DAY 7
AM arrival Lesson Lesson Yukata
Make a Sushi Tokyo Disney Sea Free time
PM Orientation Asakusa Sightseeing Tea
ceremony (sado) experience
Edo-Tokyo Museum Free time Tokyo Disney Sea Free time
  DAY 8 DAY 9 DAY 10 DAY 11 DAY 12 DAY 13 DAY 14
AM Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson Free time Sightseeing around Atami Departure
PM Odaiba Sightseeing Tokyo Metropolitan
Ueno Zoological Park Tokyo Tower Free time Sightseeing around Atami Departure

Schedule (itinerary sample: 7days))

*Note1: There is a possibility that schedule maybe modified depending on the situation.
*Note2: These schedules are according to Japan Time.

Downloads documents for Cultural activity course (short term)

An application for admission