Details of application materials

⑴ Materials required to be prepared by the applicant himself/herself

①. Letter of application to school (table specified by our school)
②. Letter of reasons for school attendance (table specified by our school)
③. Curriculum vitae (table specified by our school)
④. Japanese Studying Certificate and its Japanese translation
⑤. Original of diploma of final education (attached with Japanese translation)
⑥. Identity Certificate (ID card and household register)
※ Application of a student with inconsistency in his/her name, date of birth and education background will not be accepted.
⑦.Employment or student certificate (only limited to people who are working or studying)
⑧. Copy of passport (only limited to people holding passport)
⑨. photographs (within 3 months, with its size of 4 cm height ×3 cm width)

⑵Documents of financial sponsor

①. Letter of expenditure payment (table specified by our school)
②. Material certifying the relationship between the person who pay the expenditures and the student who the person pays for (household register or notarial certificate of relationship), attached with Japanese translation
③. Deposit certificate (equal to 300 yen) and deposit book copy
④. Employment certificate (individual operator or company manager should put forward business license) and its Japanese translation
⑤. Deposit book copy (showing day-to-day account of incomes and expenses of the last three years)
⑥. Status certificate (if the payer is Japanese or of Japanese nationality, please show the Residential Certificate, and if the payer is holding nationality of other country, please show the Alien Registration Original Sheet Items Recording Certificate)
⑦. Income certificate (must containing detailed records of the incomes of last three years) and its Japanese translation