Admission qualification

 Admission qualification

①. High school diploma and above (or studying in a high school)
②. Passing JLPT Level 5 or above
(Priority is given to students with 150 hours or above of studying in local Japanese school and those passing JLPT Level 4, and the scores of J-TEST and NAT-TEST are also valid.)
③. Student or his/her guardian can pay all the expenditures of his/her studying in Japan
④. Student has no experience of not being given the Certificate of Eligibility till now
⑤. Student and his/her relatives have no record of unlawful stay in Japan till now


 Curriculum and registration time

Name of program Admission period During registration
Enter school
2 years
April Mid-August to mid-October
Enter school
1 year and 9 months
July Mid December to mid February
Enter school
1 year and 6 months
October Mid-March to mid-May
Enter school
1 year and 3 months
January Mid June to mid August


 Submission of application

Postal code: 173-0004
Address: Tokyo Asahi Academy, 2-31-2, Itabashi, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo Prefecture
Tel.: 03-6905-7457

※ Please use EMS, OCS, DHL or FedEx for mailing the application materials.
Application with incomplete applying materials may be not accepted.


Application documents

⑴ Materials required to be prepared by the applicant himself/herself

① Application (form provided by Tokyo Asahi Academy)
② Personal History [ Curriculum Vitae ] (form provided by Tokyo Asahi Academy)
③ Original of Applicant’s most recent diploma (a high school, college or university diploma) and transcript

Original of student registration certificate and transcript in case of student

These original documents will be returned after completion of examination

④ Photographs (30mm X 40mm) X 6

Taken within the last 6 months (the front, the upper half of the body, Hatless)

Name written on back

⑤ Copy of Passport (All pages)
⑥ Documents that proves Japanese learning experience and faculty

Certificate of Japanese language experience over 150 hours or certificate of JLPT (N5 or above) , J-Test, NAT-Test or TOP-J

※Applicants from China, Mongolia, Myanmar, Bangladeshi, Nepal, Vietnam or Sri Lanka are required to submit any of the certificate listed above

⑦ Proof of Applicant’s family structure

(Family certificate, Birth certificate or family register etc.)

⑵Documents of financial sponsor

➀ Statement of Financial Support  (form provided by Tokyo Asahi Academy)
② Certificate of Financial Supporter’s bank statement issued within the last 3 months

Amount must be equivalent to 3,000,000 Yen or more

③ Documents which proves the fund – raising process (copies of the bank books etc.)
④ Certificate of Financial Supporter’s employment states indicating the place of work, position and duration of service etc.

Registration certificate or business license certificate in case of self – employed person

⑤ Certificate of Financial Supporter’s income statement

Proof of Financial Supporter’s income for the last 3 years

⑥ Certificate of Tax Payment

Proof of Financial Supporter’s tax payment for the last 3 years

⑦ Proof of Financial Supporter’s family structure

Family register, Birth certificate, Certificate of residence, or Certificate issued by public organization

⑧ Certificate of the relationship with Applicant

Family register, Birth certificate, Certificate of residence or Certificate issued by public organization

⑨ Certificate of residence or Certificate of information recorded on foreign resident registration file (all family members)


 Pre-school application procedure

procedures Enter school
2 years
Enter school
1 year 9 months
Enter school
1 year 6 months
Enter school
1 year 3 months
Submission of documents such as application forms Mid-August to mid-October Mid December to mid February Mid-March to mid-May Mid June to mid August
Entrance examination After the application is accepted, the materials will be examined and an interview will be held.
Publicize the examination result Announcement of successful applicants
Submit the  application for Eligibility Certification by our school to the  Immigration Bureau Late November Early June Early March Mid-September
The Immigration Bureau will publicize the result of eligibility certification and inform the student himself/herself about the result Late February Late May Late August Early November
Transfer the admission fee and tuition. Early March Early June Early September Early December
Mail the Certificate of Admission and Certificate of Eligibility to the student himself/herself At any time after the our school confirms that it has received the payment
Student himself/herself submits his/her visa application to the local Japanese embassy or consulate Till the end of March Till the end of June Till the end of September Till the end of December
Obtain visa and book flight ticket        
Handle procedures of entering Japan and our school The beginning of April The beginning of July The beginning of October The beginning of January


 Matters needing attention when making application materials

①.The application materials must be filled out by the applicant himself/herself.

②. The tables should be filled out with standard style of handwriting and with black ballpoint pen or
fountain pen, and liquid opaque should not be used for correcting while double-line-through and seal should be applied to where correction is needed, and the correct contents should be written on the side of the wrong contents.

③. The submitted materials should be within 3 months after their being signed and issued.

④. A4 paper should be used for all the submitted materials.

Tokyo Asahi Academy Perfect Attendance Award

Prices in JPY

  Award Conditions Price
Perfect Attendance Award Students on student visa who have been at ISI for more than a year with 100% attendance rate and no tardiness. 2,000
Special Perfect Attendance Award This award is presented to regular student who attended school 15 minutes before a class, never late, and never absent. 3,000

※Awarded twice every year (April and October)


Scholarships from Outside Entities

Prices in JPY
・Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
・ Offers scholarship to those who are currently attending University or plan on continuing onto Higher Education.

Application period April
Payment period 1 year starting from April
Monthly stipend ¥30,000
Conditions Be on a student visa and attain over 90% attendance rate in a year, excel academically


 Tuition payment method

Bank transfer

Name of bank (MUFG Bank, Ltd.(English)
Branch of bank NARUSE BRANCH (English)
成瀬支店 (Japanese)
Bank address: 1−2−2,Minami-Naruse Machida-Shi, Tokyo 194-0045 JAPAN (English)
〒194-0045 東京都町田市南成瀬1−2−2 (Japanese)
Tel of bank 0081-42-720-5111
Account No 167-0726092
Name of account KABUSHIKIGAISHA ASAHI (English)
株式会社 朝日 (Japanese)
Address of school 2-31-2, ITABASHI, ITABASHI-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN (English)
東京都板橋区板橋2-31-2 (Japanese)
Tel 03-6905-7457

※ If the remitter is not the student himself/herself, please write the name of the student in the remittance remark column.


 About withdrawal of admission

・Please refer to school refund rules.