Greeting from the president

 You come to Japan for various purposes. Our TOKYO ASHAHI ACADEMY will provide you with the best possible learning environment in order to allow you to concentrate on studying, enrich your everyday.

TOKYO ASHAHI ACADEMY adapts to the changing trend and accepts all kinds of challenges immediately. We hope that you will not only learn Japanese culture and knowledge, but also be able to build up a constructive sense of your career in the future. Therefore, we all keep on working day after day. At present, the globalization continuously evolves, and the world situation constantly changes. In such an environment, we shoulder the mission of training transnational talents.

We, all faculty and staff of TOKYO ASHAHI ACADEMY, will make every effort to support your study, further study and daily life in the perfect system. I sincerely hope that you can absorb the essence of different cultures, hone out various and abundant sensibility. And also, I hope you could be real international talents and active in variety of fields after graduation.

President Takanashi Keiko