Greeting from the principal

So far, I have been engaged in foreign student’s Japanese for more than 20 years. I will try my best to make every students lead a full life without regret in Japan through this experience.
All staff of Tokyo Asahi Academy and I have the only goal, that is to build a college, from which you graduated, you heartily said; “I’m so glad to study here and meet our teachers”. I sincerely hope that everyone could grasp the knowledge firmly in this school and meet the graduation.We will fully support you to get learning and experience, to master the higher level of knowledge and technology, to find your task on your shoulder, world widely beyond your own country or Japan.
The significance of studying aboard is not only learning language and mastering technology, but experience the difficulties, hardships and pains in different cultures as well. And it is as these times you would meet the person who has given you help. These experiences will make you grow up. Never forget that people who didn’t work hard maybe have no difficulties and pains, nor the good opportunities to change life. Please deeply think, firmly keep in mind the meaning of learning Japanese in Japan, and courageously open up this only life.And now, in Japan, at the Asahi College in Tokyo, you are standing on the starting line of life.

Principal Ando shizie