Teacher Oohira Nozomi

Hello everyone, I am looking forward to meeting you at the Asahi College in Tokyo.I will not only teach you Japanese in the course of teaching, but I will also teach you Japanese culture as well as a lot of knowledge about the social aspects of japan.What’s more, I like to communicate with all of you about our current thoughts and future goals.Let’s meet at Asahi college in Tokyo!

Teacher Akita Kaori

Hello, everybody. What are you interested in in Japan? Fashion? Cuisine? IT technology? Or anime in Japan?! I really like anime in japan. Although we all have interesting things, we should study more. No matter what you are interested in or want to know, I will do my best to introduce to you. Also, I would like to know every student’s idea. Let’s communicate in Japanese!

Teacher Yamamoto yukiko

Hello everyone, I will give you full help in the study life in Japan. If you encounter any difficulties in studying abroad, please contact me. I will consider the question from the point of view of each student. In order to let everyone in Japan can study and live at ease every day, I will do my best to help everyone, let us work together!