Merits of school

1.Enriched study environment
⑴Careful guidance from experienced teacher
Classes are divided according to the Japanese language ability and learning rate of each student.Which can let the students study in the class fitting their Japanese capacities. Moreover, the students can progress towards their objectives through obtaining meticulous and high-efficient guidance from their teachers with many years, and various kinds, of Japanese teaching experience.
In class, teachers will make balanced improvement of students’ comprehensive Japanese capacity, including listening, speaking, reading and writing, and, furthermore, provide strategies to the students to let them gain high score in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU), with the teaching objective of letting students able to use Japanese in their study in universities they want to enter as well as on various occasions.

⑵Responsibility system for providing comprehensive guidance for students to enter higher school

Teachers in charges of classes will provide guidance to students on their development direction and higher school entrance from their admission to our school to graduation, and will conduct interviews periodically to distinguish the personality and ability of each student so as to correctly decide their development direction. Moreover, teachers will provide meticulous guidance on each subject to the students in a concrete, practical and efficient way so as to let them master the skills required by the higher schools which they want to enter.

⑶Improving students’ strategies in passing JLTP and EJU

All the students will study the strategies for passing JLTP and EJU from the pre-intermediate level, since we wish the students be able to get used to the teachers’ teaching method as soon as possible so as to improve their positivity in entering higher school and fulfill their objectives. Teachers with rich experience will draw up teaching plans to practically improve the students’ Japanese proficiency and will be together with students to take passing JLPT and obtaining high score in EJU as their common objectives.

⑷Obtaining the strategies required for studying in the schools which the students want to enter

Apart from providing guidance for students on their strategies to pass JLTP and EJU, teachers will guide students to master the skills required by higher schools which students want to enter. The teachers will not only focus on reading and writing but also on cultivating students’ interest in various kinds of societies and events and capacity of making complete self-expression on events. We will let every student be able to use Japanese for expression through guidance.
2.Teaching plan
We will take the following four aspects as the pillars of our teaching plan
⑴.Provide comprehensive guidance on strategies to pass the examinations and enter higher schools.
⑵.Cultivate students’ strategies and capacities required after their entering higher school.
⑶.Practice the Japanese studying pattern of continuous accumulation from ‘understanding’ to ‘using’.
⑷.Enrich students’ knowledge to ‘enable them to describe matters in Japanese’ so as to let them obtain sense of achievement.
We will provide no-risk-at-all guidance to let students understand the significance of entering universities and graduate schools for study and let them positively and wholeheartedly face the exams. We, from mid-term and long-term perspectives, not only focus on letting students pass the exams but on cultivating students’ skills required in the future as well as the capacity of using Japanese to express various matters.
3.Perfect supporting system
Working staff mastering multiple languages will provide comprehensive procedure handling and life support.
Working staff is responsible for helping the students who are just admitted to our school and cannot speak Japanese open deposit account and handle various procedures. Moreover, the working staff is charged for handling such problems as illness, hurt or accidents.
4.Transportation convenience
It takes 5-minute walk from our school to the Shimo Itabashicho Station of Tobu Tojo Line, the Itabashi-ku government station of Toei Mita Line and takes 5-minute walk from our school to the Itabashicho Station of JR Saikyo Line, and the transportation of Tokyo Prefecture is very convenient.
It takes 3 minutes from our school to Ikebukuro, 9 minutes to Shinjuku, 16 minutes to Shibuya, 70 minutes to Narita Airport and 60 minutes to Haneda Airport. Moreover, it takes short time from our school to various places, such as Odaiba.
5.Brand-new anti-seismic self-constructed dormitory building
Our school was reconstructed in 2017, with good earthquake resistance, providing comfortable learning environment. The building is under full coverage of WiFi, and also provides a lot of books. In the future, the building will be continuously perfected so as to create better learning environment for students.