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Merits of school


Tokyo Asahi Academy was founded at Itabashi, Tokyo in Oct. 2016.
Our only purpose is to establish a school from which when graduating, the students will have a heartfelt sentiment – “I’m so glad I could study at this school, I’m glad to meet the teachers of this school.” We truly hope that each and every one of you is capable to have fruitful results from studying at this school by the day of graduation. Furthermore, we hope each student can master more advanced information and skills based on the knowledge and experiences obtained here. Apart from your own country and Japan, you should always open your eyes to the rest of the world, find out your role as a social and international individual and eventually fulfill your task. Our faculty and staff will persistently endeavor to improve their proficiencies day and night in order to progress with you until you meet your goal.
Please take a serious consideration about the significance of learning Japanese in Japan, as a footstone or impetus to courageously explore your life for once.

Curriculum and registration time

Student Visa
1Two-year college admission course
From April
Student Visa
21.5year college admission course
From October
3 Other courses.
Admission opening

Ideal goal

The purpose of founding the school is to provide extensive opportunities to the people who are interested in Japanese or Japan and want to study in Japan, to let them take what they have studied and experience in Japan as their motives and to provide them with a place where they can quickly grow and develop as social and international people.