Staff introduction

Teacher Seki

Welcome to Tokyo-Asahi Academy!!
I think it to be that you have many dream and hope.
It makes the bright future every day to do its best. I will support you with my full power at this moment. I‘m looking forward to your progress.

Teacher Shinta

I think you came to Japan to aim to go on to graduate school or university or vocational school.
You need high Japanese skill for that. Japanese language school is the starting point. Our school staff are professional teachers. We will support that your Japanese study.
Study foreign language means to learn history and culture too.
Tokyo-Asahi Academy is not only study Japanese language. You can get many opportunities to come in contact with Japanese history and culture, it comes to understand Japanese language more deeply.

Teacher Kurihara

Welcome to Japan, everyone.
What did you think about Japan?
Thought maybe you are worry about study abroad life, I will support that your life will be satisfied. Let’s do our best together!

Teacher Kannzaki

Please challenge various things when you come to Japan. There are many things you can do without money. Action and courage will make you bigger. Realize your goals at the Tokyo Asahi Academy.

Teacher Sakita

Hello everyone, I will give you full help in the study life in Japan. If you encounter any difficulties in studying abroad, please contact me. I will consider the question from the point of view of each student. In order to let everyone in Japan can study and live at ease every day, I will do my best to help everyone, let us work together!

Teacher Sato

Hello everyone, I am looking forward to meeting you at the Asahi Academy in Tokyo.I will not only teach you Japanese in the course of teaching, but I will also teach you Japanese culture as well as a lot of knowledge about the social aspects of japan.What’s more, I like to communicate with all of you about our current thoughts and future goals.Let’s meet at Asahi college in Tokyo!

Teacher Katsumata

I will do my best to help my classmates learn Japanese.I hope that every student learns Japanese while looking for their own dreams!Welcome everyone to study at Tokyo Asahi College! I support everyone!


Each class has a special teacher, in the Bureau, we have two special teachers to guide you to live overseas.
Among them, 1 Chinese teacher (can communicate in English), Japanese Teacher 1 (can communicate in Chinese, Korean, English), if you encounter any difficulties in studying life, you can communicate in your mother language to facilitate everyone to solve the problem.

Teacher Takanashi

I wish you do the best with study Japanese starting from now.
We will support various aims like skill up and your career path with my full power.

Teacher Shu

Hello, everybody. What are you interested in in Japan? Fashion? Cuisine? IT technology? Or anime in Japan?! I really like anime in japan. Although we all have interesting things, we should study more. No matter what you are interested in or want to know, I will do my best to introduce to you. Also, I would like to know every student’s idea. Let’s communicate in Japanese!