Senior voice


I came to Japan to go on to graduate school. Teachers are very kind and helpful, they try their best to make student’s dream come true. I met a lot of friends who came from various countries, and I got experience of the part-time job. When I came to Japan, I didn’t know much about Japan. At that time, Teachers have taught me Japanese kindly and have helped my daily life in Japan. There are good teachers and good school. I’m sure I made a good choice. I get used to living in Japan and became to speak to Japanese.
Because language knowledge is useful for a long period, if you want to lean Japanese, I recommend Tokyo-Asahi Academy!

Yang Xiaojun


Not only study Japanese, but also, I wanted to learn Japanese culture and habit, Because I got opportunity to come to Japan.
Tokyo-Asahi academy’s lesson is not only study Japanese but also, I could learn Japanese culture and affairs. After lesson, Teacher listen my worries about studies and daily life, they took care of the matter kindly. It’s comfortable for me to live in Japan, I felt homesick in a foreign country though. Because of their support. I really appreciate that.
You should consider your future and if you have your future plan, I trust you will succeed.
If you want to study abroad in Japan, please come to Tokyo-Asahi Academy. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Hou Tingting

Graduates voice

Su Weilun