A day of students

8:45 Let’s go to school.

School is about ten minutes’ walk from Itabashi-station.

When you have time before lesson, you can ask teachers something about Japanese.

Some students eat breakfast near the school.

9:00 The first period will be started.

We learn pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and conversation etc.

A class period of 45 minutes, and take a break 10 minutes each time.

During break time, Let’s get in communication with other class

also have a talk with teachers.

12:30 Lunch time

Around the school, There are many store like a convenience store, supermarket etc.

Some students bring a lunch box.

The student who have the part-time job and the students who does not take extra classes are time to go home.

14:00 Extra classes

The students who aim to the college or vocational school study for EJU(Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students) and JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test).

Study for EJU : Japanese as a Foreign Language, English, Basic academic skills, Mathematics.

There are various students including a student coming home and a studying at school.

Students enjoy their free time. Cooking, Shopping and using a laptop…
Please don’t forget doing your homework.