About Asahi

Tokyo Asahi Academy was founded at Itabashi, Tokyo in Oct. 2016.

Our only purpose is to establish a school from which when graduating, the students will have a heartfelt sentiment – “I’m so glad I could study at this school, I’m glad to meet the teachers of this school.” We truly hope that each and every one of you is capable to have fruitful results from studying at this school by the day of graduation. Furthermore, we hope each student can master more advanced information and skills based on the knowledge and experiences obtained here. Apart from your own country and Japan, you should always open your eyes to the rest of the world, find out your role as a social and international individual and eventually fulfill your task. Our faculty and staff will persistently endeavor to improve their proficiencies day and night in order to progress with you until you meet your goal.

Please take a serious consideration about the significance of learning Japanese in Japan, as a footstone or impetus to courageously explore your life for once.

Purpose of founding the school

The purpose of founding the school is to provide extensive opportunities to the people who are interested in Japanese or Japan and want to study in Japan, to let them take what they have studied and experience in Japan as their motives and to provide them with a place where they can quickly grow and develop as social and international people.


Tenet and target

The tenet and target of the school are that all the staff participating in the school management should give priority to the future of the students before taking any action under any circumstances, with definite target of cultivating talents not only having knowledge but thinking capacity and gentility based on their Japanese ability.

Greeting from the president

You come to Japan for various purposes. Our TOKYO ASHAHI ACADEMY will provide you with the best possible learning environment in order to allow you to concentrate on studying, enrich your everyday.

TOKYO ASHAHI ACADEMY adapts to the changing trend and accepts all kinds of challenges immediately. We hope that you will not only learn Japanese culture and knowledge, but also be able to build up a constructive sense of your career in the future. Therefore, we all keep on working day after day. At present, the globalization continuously evolves, and the world situation constantly changes. In such an environment, we shoulder the mission of training transnational talents.

We, all faculty and staff of TOKYO ASHAHI ACADEMY, will make every effort to support your study, further study and daily life in the perfect system. I sincerely hope that you can absorb the essence of different cultures, hone out various and abundant sensibility. And also, I hope you could be real international talents and active in variety of fields after graduation.


Greetings from the principal

Welcome to Tokyo-Asahi Academy!! I think it to be that you have many dream and hope. It makes the bright future every day to do its best. I will support you with my full power at this moment. I‘m looking forward to your progress.

school features

  1. An excellent teacher teaches reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills directly. A yearly curriculum designed to help students acquire a good balance of grammar, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and conversational skills. Numerous teaching staff with a wealth of experience and knowledge provide meticulous academic guidance tailored to each student’s specialization.
  2. Each class consists of 20 students. The homeroom teacher plays a central role in providing careful instruction that is close to each student.
  3. At Tokyo Asahi Academy, which believes in cultivating globalized human resources in the world, we aim to provide a fulfilling learning environment at the lowest possible cost so that students will not give up their studies for financial reasons. We would like to support the lives of students who work hard every day through various scholarships, benefit systems, and various commendation systems.
  4. Tokyo Asahi Academy not only has teachers who teach classes, but also multilingual staff who provide general support outside of classes. There are many events and the school has a family-like atmosphere, so if you have a problem, you can always ask for help.
  5. We aim to foster self-motivated learners who are willing and able to actively engage in learning. Teachers assist students in planning, reviewing, and evaluating their own learning, while encouraging learners to improve their autonomy.
  6. The learning environment, the most basic of which is daily life. Our school is fully equipped with a student dormitory so that you can feel at ease in your unfamiliar life in Japan. Furniture, home appliances, and other daily necessities are provided, so you can immediately concentrate on your studies.

JALSA member



Octr 2016 Asahi Co., Ltd. established in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Jan 2017 Asahi Co., Ltd. purchased its own building in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
Tokyo Asahi Academy (pseudonym) school building renewal
Mar 2017 Tokyo Asahi Academy (pseudonym) school building renovation completed
Apr 2017 Application for establishment of Tokyo Asahi Academy (pseudonym)
Nov 2017 Tokyo Asahi Academy Application Permission
Ap2018 Tokyo Asahi Academy opened
Jun 2018 Established Dalian Office, Liaoning Province, China
Dec 2019 Partnership with China Grey Group Achieved
May 2020 General Incorporated Association Asahi
Jul 2020 Online classes started due to the impact of the corona infection
Jun 2021 Preparing for the establishment of the Meiko Education School
Oct 2021 Tokyo Asahi Academy Application to increase capacity by 150 people
Feb 2022 Tokyo Asahi Academy Permission to increase the number of students by 150
Apr 2022 Meiko Education School opened
Jun 2022 Agency for Cultural Affairs Japanese Language Education Demonstration Project Preparation
Sep 2022 Agency for Cultural Affairs Japanese Language Education Demonstration Project Start
Decr 2022 Agency for Cultural Affairs Japanese Language Education Demonstration Project completed