5 reasons to choose Tokyo Asahi Academy


Point 1

Appropriate school

Tokyo Asahi Academy has been certified as an “Appropriate School” for many years by Tokyo Immigration Bureau. We manage the enrollment of international student steadfastly and provide the best service to our students.


Point 2

Experienced team of teachers

Tokyo Asahi Academy’s professional teachers teaches Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking skills by direct method. A yearly curriculum is prepared to help students acquire the skills of Japanese grammar, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and conversation in a balanced way. We also regularly provide guidance for higher education.


Point 3

Life support

Tokyo Asahi Academy Group not only teaches general classes, but also provides diverse support outside of class by multilingual staff. We organize a variety of events and strive to make our school to be in a family atmosphere, so if you have any problems, you can always ask for help easily.


Point 4

A town with convenient transportation for food, clothing and shelter

Tokyo Asahi Academy is located in Itabashi Ward and surrounded by many restaurants and stores, making it very convenient for students to enjoy shopping and living. Three stations are available around Tokyo Asahi Academy.  JR Saikyo Line “Itabashi Station” , Toei Mita Line “Itabashi Kuyakusho-mae Station”,  Tobu Tojo Line “Shimoitabashi Station”


Point 5

Fully equipped student dormitory

Tokyo Asahi Academy provides 3 dormitories. Student dormitories are equipped with furniture, household appliances, and other daily necessities to help students feel at ease in Japan.