Flow of academic counseling

Student get a counseling after entrance to school within three weeks.

You can talk to a teacher about lesson, study and your goal one by one.

Teacher give a counseling constantly until you graduate, so we have a good grasp of situation and support you.

An achievement test implementation.

Individual feedback on the exam, and make up for your weak point.

According to the situation, we give a tutorial.

Feedback on this term, and recognize a goal and a task for next term.

We use textbook for exam in class, also there is a mock test, and after teacher will advise a study method.

At first, consult with class teacher. Teacher support you that decide to the school of your choice, gathering materials, and help to write application documents.

Teacher give advice according to the school of your choice. 

In the case of graduate school, students will learn the skill to make a presentation that is increasing.

Before entrance examination teacher support thorough mental preparation too.

After passing entrance examination, teacher will advice about learning Japanese in accordance with the school.

Before graduation from Tokyo Asahi Academy, study academic Japanese and formal language for your future.

Actual College Acceptance Results

National university

The university of Tokyo graduate school
Kyoto university graduate school
Hitotsubashi university
Tokyo university of foreign studies
Tohoku university
Osaka university
Saitama university
Chiba university
Yokohama national university
Tokyo gakugei university
Nara university of education
Kyushu university
Japan advanced institute of science and technology
Kobe university
Hokkaido university
Tokyo university of arts
Tokyo metropolitan university
Aichi university of arts
Shizuoka university of art and culture

Private university

Waseda university
Sophia university
Meiji university
Hosei university
Rikkyo university
Tama university
Kyorin university
Ritsumekan university
Meiji gakuin university
Musashino art university
Tama art university
Tokyo zokei university
Tokyo polytechnic university
Musashino university
Nishogakusha university
Kanagawa university